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Years from now, Oct. 17, 2018 will be celebrated as a tipping point in world history. Hyperbole? Hardly. Some have called Canada’s bold move to legalize cannabis a “revolutionary act” or an “audacious social experiment.” At BLOCKStrain, we call it The Beginning.

That’s right. Cannabis legalization is not the end of the battle; we are all just beginning. Today and the next few days are a time to celebrate the end of draconian laws that simply failed. It’s a time for Canadians – and citizens around the world – to cheer a new era. BLOCKStrain joins you in the national celebration. But BLOCKStrain also is laser focused on the future.

As the Canadian cannabis industry transitions out of the shadows and into the light of legalization, BLOCKStrain continues to ramp up its innovative technology platform to ensure the success of the entire cannabis ecosystem. BLOCKStrain is building for the future. From licensed processors to testing laboratories to retailers to regulatory bodies to consumers, BLOCKStrain reduces fear and uncertainty.

BLOCKStrain is a Canadian company invested in making Canada’s cannabis market the most efficient, most transparent, most trusted and most secure in the world. BLOCKStrain’s certified seal and QR code ensures every legal cannabis product is safe while helping inform customers of a product’s effects.

So today, feel proud to be Canadian. Celebrate your boldness. Celebrate your audacity and your revolutionary spirit. And then get ready for the future. The future of an industry that will be a shining example for the rest of the world. At BLOCKStrain, we are celebrating The Beginning. And looking forward to The Future.

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