Could Blockchain Adoption Be Spearheaded by the Cannabis Industry?

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Blockchain is a relatively new technology that, like the internet in the 1990s, shows great promise for the future, but has not yet been widely adopted.

But a new report from the global consulting firm Deloitte predicts there will be widespread adoption of blockchain by companies in the retail and consumer packaged goods industries over the next five years.

The report “New Tech on the Block: Planning for Blockchain in the Retail and Consumer Goods Industries” was released this month by Steve Larke, a Deloitte partner in the area of Technology Consulting, and authored by Dr. Bryn Walton and Ben Perkins, both experts in the field of retail and consumer goods.

Why Cannabis Needs Blockstrain, and Blockstrain Needs Cannabis

Deloitte says the area of supply chain management, as well as ensuring the provenance of consumer goods, are the two areas that will see the fastest and most widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

But within that sector, there is one industry that needs blockchain more than any other; namely, the legal cannabis industry…

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