BLOCKStrain Technology Corp. (TSX.V: DNAX) Develops Safe, Dependable Blockchain Platform

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  • Current cannabis testing system lacks integrity
  • BLOCKStrain platform can be trusted for safety and reliability
  • Planned product integration and strategic partnership with bioceutical company

The tide of cannabis legalization washing over America is, as might be expected, posing challenges in a number of areas. One is protecting the public, determining how to best ensure that marijuana in the marketplace is safe to consume. The other is producer protection; how can breeders and growers stop their strains from being ‘faked’?

The obvious answer is testing, but the testing system that has germinated as cannabis cultivation spreads may not be up to the task. Reports have surfaced of poor controls that leave consumers and producers alike exposed to a variety of risks. Now seems an opportune time to utilize the blockchain platform developed by BLOCKStrain Technology Corp. (TSX.V: DNAX).

Producers will be happy to note that the technology registers and tracks cannabis IP from genome to sale. Consumers will be equally delighted to discover that the system can accurately track all aspects of quality control. BLOCKStrain is already making the platform available to streamline the cannabis supply chain. It recently signed a letter of intent to integrate its proprietary technology into the product and services ecosystem of Abattis Bioceuticals Corp., and the platform has been adopted by leading Canadian cannabis producer WeedMD…

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