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Global Cannabis Strain Identification, Registration & Verification

BLOCKStrain is an integrated Blockchain platform that registers and tracks cannabis IP from Genome to Sale™. 



BLOCKStrain is an integrated blockchain platform that registers and tracks cannabis IP from Genome to Sale™

A new cannabis industry is emerging and using the power of blockchain, BLOCKStrain has developed the most comprehensive, community-driven cannabis genetics archival platform dedicated to making it safe and comfortable for breeders and growers, large and small, to protect and release their varieties into the public domain, all the while being compensated and rewarded.



Trust, protection and legitimacy for the cannabis seed farms & industry

The main advantage of BLOCKStrain is to ensure product licensing and authenticity providing assurance of revenue, and more importantly, product integrity and safety.

A primary goal for regulators is to “establish an efficient, accountable and transparent system for regulatory oversight of the supply chain in order to protect youth and combat organized crime.” This requires a system that collects and manages a tremendous amount of data including pesticide use, quality control, as well as possession limits and servings sizes in order to VALIDATE and VERIFY products.

Protect using
DNA Passport™

BLOCKStrain’s existing strategies for protecting a cannabis strain in the marketplace

The mission is to deliver immutable cryptographically secure blockchain technology to establish a global single source of truth for cannabis strains and their ownership. Quantifying genetics, potency and equivalencies between cannabis products are crucial to the future of legal marijuana.

Cannabis Industry






BLOCKStrain is the perfect blend of cannabis and blockchain for verification


We deliver the most comprehensive cannabis genetics archive through a digital ecosystem that encourages contribution of genetics and IP coupled with the security, authenticity and verification methods that blockchain provides. 


We combine traditional cannabis culture with modern cryptocurrency technology to deliver a truly intelligent platform powered by rewarding the people who contribute – we pay for participation!

Smart Hub

BLOCKStrain is the smart hub for cannabis


Making the platform truly open and available to everyone, we shape the future and authenticity of the industry through widespread adoption and usage. By offering a secure API network we’ve made it easy to testing providers, grow facilities, app and software developers, research groups and major supply chain platforms to build cannabis centric applications, helping fuel technology and innovation for the industry as a whole.

As compliance and regulation are a critical priority, BLOCKStrain allows for government regulation standard to be adhered to while providing real-time visibility of industry operations to agencies assigned to enforce and regulate all cannabis activity nation wid.e 


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